Making Pi

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Raspberry Pi: inedible, but oh so sweet

These last two sessions (with a Spring Break in the middle), our group has looked at setting up a Raspberry Pi as a server and we are still working on connection issues with Cloud9 IDE.

For the Raspberry Pi server, we had a fun string of events. First, we had to find power for the thing (no power cord). We used the mini USB port onboard and connected that to a powered USB port on a computer. Problem solved. After connecting an ethernet wire, a Mac mouse/keyboard combo, and an HDMI cord, we realized that no monitors or Macs in the area had HDMI input. What a crock! After scrounging around in the office for a usable monitor, and even trying an old Panasonic tv (the room looked like a Texas Instruments developer’s lab from the 80s before we were done), we finally found a large TV with HDMI, and used that.

We promptly installed Raspbian OS (a Linux distro for Raspberry Pi) on an SD card that the Raspberry Pi uses as a hard drive, and we were pleasantly impressed with the results. The X desktop UI is nice, if a tiny bit slow on the Raspberry Pi. Next, we installed apache with the sudo command in the terminal (we tried to use an old instructables article to install this, but it ended up being too old to work) :

sudo apt-get update

And then:

sudo apt-get upgrade

And then:

sudo apt-get install apache2

After doing this, we were good to go, and our server was up and running smoothly on (Hurray!) These commands update the system, then upgrade, then install apache2 (just in case you can’t read code). Next week we’ll likely try to get this server out to the world.


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